POLITICS- being taken way too Seriously !

There has been a buzz around us about numerous ‘political’ issues lately. Some issues gained humongous attention as they touched our emotional cords vehemently. From ‘Ram Mandir’ to ‘beef buzz’, Amir Khan and Shahrukh Khan on ‘Intolerance’ to ‘JNU’ and the most recent one ‘ANTI NATIONALISM’. All of them created a row on the social media and huge disparity on both social as well as intellectual levels.


Something that comes out to be common in all of these issues is the division of ideologies on Politics. Some hold opinion that if ‘certain’ group of people are supporting another group of ideologies they are definitely some sort of ‘miscreants’ !

Let me talk straight, without playing with words and misleading. Today there has been a huge rift politically on social media and also in our minds. Frankly speaking, we are divided as Modi-supporters and non-supporters. Honestly, I have been observing very closely that any issue, somehow gets related to politics in some way or the other. There  have been numerous instances with me where if I haven’t supported or been a ‘Yes man’ of the BJP, I have been severely criticised,verbally abused and disrespected in the most demeaning way. Of course I am an Indian citizen, at least my passport says so ! Because often I have been quoted as a Pakistani or belonging to some other country indulged in terrorist activity !

I’m not saying I’m against the party or its political views. I hugely respect some of the members and really am proud of them. The speech of Sushma Swaraj at the United Nations summit still rings loud in my ears. I am in awe by respectable leaders like Arun Jaitley and Sushil Kumar. And of course I am a Muslim too ! But that does not deter me from admiring what deserved to be liked.



Of late, various issues have lined up blaming the entire Muslim community of holding views that they are absolutely against them. What thinking we are developing is that if a person is not a ‘Bhaj-fard’ then he’s a ‘Khangressi’ or the very well-known ‘AAPtard’ ! Not supporting any one ideology definitely pools you into the other and the abuses follow. Recently on Twitter i jokingly (as a humorous person I am !) tweeted about the ‘humble’ background of the Prime Minister. It was just a tweet, funny and light-headed humor. But as my name indicates that I happen to be a Muslim (fortunately/or unfortunately,don’t know) I faced vehement display of ‘affection’ ! Some called me a ‘khangressi’ while others quoted me a ‘illiterate,stupid slut’ (not their fault as the did not know that I am a Doctor, a Gold Medalist actually !). But the fact is, we all have rights. Holding an opinion and thinking whatever you like is something personal. Nobody can control the way we think about certain issues.

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Well I do not speak for the Muslim community. I know there are miscreants who burn crackers whenever Pakistan wins against India and other such stupid stuff. But then there are ‘idiots’ from both the sides. Often we will find people quoting us to leave India and go back to Pakistan or whatever they think is our actual home. Excuse me, we are born,brought up and lived here for quite a while !

I completely agree there is always another side of the story. We have so many examples, so many people who are living peacefully with all religion communities. I was myself brought up in a locality dominated by non-Muslims and got a Convent education throughout. I happen to carry mix ideologies about all three religions. So I happen to have liberal thinking and barely get carried away. But many of us, just on a petty political issue rant disgrace to anyone who doesn’t agree to them. This I speak for anyone and everyone under the sun.


My sole aim for writing up this ‘controversial’ stuff (for which I may get abused,yet again !) that wake up people ! There is so much more to life than ranting hatred based on such issues. Sitting behind your smartphones and tweeting on the ‘trends’ or sharing political memes on Facebook is not your duty as a citizen. If you feel patriotic enough, join the Army, gets yourself recruited to the Indian Administrative Services and bring reforms,be a scientist-invent something that reforms and improves human existence, be a Lawyer-bring amendments in the putrefied laws about which you speak so strongly, be a Teacher- educate a child’s thinking and reform his ideology to think rationally or be a ‘good’ and ‘responsible’ parent by inculcating the value of judicious thinking and the ability to differentiate between right and wrong or most importantly improve,evolve and grow as an Individual yourself ! Forget the entire generation, even if we take the responsibilIty as an individual for our own selves and try to redesign and reform our own thoughts, we can hope for a real better future. Especially the younger lots, in whose hands the future of our Country lies.


Before speaking of your Rights, make sure you have fulfilled your duties as well. Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel said so aptly,

“Every Citizen of India must remember that he is an Indian and he has every Right in this Country but with certain Duties”

So, just as hailing or backing up a Political party doesn’t make us a ‘Nationalist’, shouting anti-Indian slogans do NOT make us ‘anti-Nationals’ as well. It’s what we have actually contributed, even a small deed, that will eventually make this Country better.

I did my job, a bit at least.

Jai Hind !There-Can-Be-No-Daily-Democracy-Without-Daily-Citizenship.-»-Ralph-Nader2-800x459





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