An Open Letter To A Father From A Daughter

Dear Papa,

I was brought from the darkness of the womb to the light of the world by my Mother, but it was you who gave me my Name. I was nurtured and nourished by my Mother but it was you who made me stronger. I was taught how to speak,crawl and lisp by my mother but it was you who taught me the value of self-respect. I may have learnt various things from various people and experiences but nobody would’ve taught me the spirit of righteousness better than you. It was you who was wide awake nights after nights when I fell ill, you took me to the hospital when it was my turn for getting vaccinated, it was you who stood up all night when it was my exam-worried the entire month as if it was yours. It was you who cried with joy when I scored nearly a ton in my Boards and it was no one but you who grieved with me on every failure of mine.

I do not wish to be ungrateful to the role of a Mother in a child’s life but whatever I am today is somewhere your impact on my life. You gave me all luxuries so that I could study well and do not face problems that you faced in your times. You gave me all the money because you knew what a spendthrift I am. You gave me the extra bucks because you know I will never ask for it myself the self-respect that I learnt from you. You scolded me when I failed because you wanted to push me an extra mile, an extra edge- a little nearer to my goals. You raised your hands when you found me doing something wrong-that scared me to hell, but now I’m scared to do anything wrong because that fear you created pulls be back from doing it. You silently observed me, prayed for me and paid for me- without my knowledge so that my little ego is not hurt. Your moral support in one way or the other still motivates me and keeps me going. Your motivational messages,e-mails, whatsapp pictures and words of wisdom will always remain with me,as a guidance which I will cherish forever.

I’m sorry for all the times I failed you. I’m sorry for whatever I did that hurt you-and I know I’ve hurt you a lot. I do not seek forgiveness because I know you have already forgiven me – but I wish to make a Promise to you. A promise to never forget whatever you have taught or tried to teach me through all these years. I promise to never let you down what come may. I promise to try my best to do what you expect of me. I promise to become the kind of person you wish to see in me and I promise to stand by you when you need me.

Please don’t force me to get married just because everyone else is doing the same. I don’t care what the world has to say about you or me.  I will get married only when I realise the man you/I’ve chosen is your exact replica. Until then relax, chill and just be happy because I’m very happy being 27 and unmarried. I will marry only the day that person becomes your son as much as I am your daughter.

Don’t worry for me, don’t spend sleepless nights and don’t stress about me.  Because I’m going to be fine.  You have raised me well,  sufficient enough to lead a respectful life of dignity.

Dad,  I know what Fathers are made of – strong outside but very soft from inside.  Please take care of yourself, you worry about my common cold but ignore your serious illnesses.  You make sure I get what I want but sacrifice your daily needs. Only if you are happy I can work, struggle, live and shine out in life.

Certain is it that there is no kind of affection so purely angelic as of a father to a daughter. In love to our wives there is desire; to our sons, ambition; but to our daughters there is something which there are no words to express.
—Joseph Addison

Your Loving Daughter.




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The more I get to know people, the more distracted I become. I miss being a child, confused as an Adult and dread becoming Old. Hypocrisy turns me off. Dentist pretending to be a Bibliophile.

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